Partnerships With Purpose


We work with businesses that share our values and are passionate about making a difference in Manchester.

Through our network of over 120 local youth groups in Manchester, we can connect you to over 40,000 children and young people, supporting you to have a transformative impact on the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalised young people in Manchester.

By becoming a Purpose Partner, together we can create a Manchester where all children and young people can benefit from our city's economic growth, shape their future and realise their full potential through vibrant, connected and inclusive opportunities.


Why partner with Young Manchester?

Nearly half of children in Manchester are living in poverty & not benefitting from our city's prosperity
Every £1 spent on youth work can return up to £7.80 in social value
We work with over 100 local non-profit youth organisations through our membership
Our network reachers over 40k children and young Mancunians in community settings

Become a Purpose Partner

Becoming a purpose partner unlocks opportunities for you to:

  • Connect with diverse early local talent through our extensive network
  • Access skilled regular, team-based and one-off volunteering opportunities
  • Form hyper local partnerships with communities on your doorstep
  • Access bespoke support - from programme development to youth consultations - to shape and deliver your social value goals
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Read more about some examples of brilliant businesses from a range of sectors who have supported Young Manchester’s work for young people in Manchester.

  • Cisco

    Digital People was a partnership programme developed between Young Manchester, Cisco, Hive and Greater Manchester Youth Network. Together we supported the creation of a free, online, part-time coding course for underrepresented Greater Manchester 16 – 24 year olds aiming to work in tech. We trained and supported 93 young people on a 15 hour a week, 3 month programme.

    A personal mentor from Cisco offered each learner 4 hour-long personal and career development sessions.

  • Oglesby Charitable Trust
    Oglesby Charitable Trust

    LEAD+ is a 6 month leadership programme delivered in partnership with the Oglesby Charitable Trust (partner of the Bruntwood Group). Recognising the importance of strengthening our youth services, OCT invested in an intensive coaching and leadership programme for youth and play sector leaders in Manchester. This offers continued personal and professional development opportunities to strengthen the sector and therefore opportunities for young people in the city.

  • Ernst & Young
    Ernst & Young

    Working in partnership with EY Foundation we supported them to consult with young people on their response to the GM Skills Plan. We supported EY Foundation to work with two local grassroots youth charities to reach and create a supportive environment for young people who would not normally choose to participate in this kind of consultation. This meant EY Foundation were confidently able to say they had consulted outside of the 'usual suspects', whilst offering those young people a great insight into some of the brilliant youth voice opportunities in our city.

  • City of Social Action
    City of Social Action

    The City of Social Action is a city-wide partnership project enabling and empowering young people to make the changes they want to see in their communities and across the wider system by:

    • Embedding social action in universal youth and play provision.

    • Funding youth-led social action in place directly through small grants for young people. So far the project has enabled:
      • £75k worth of projects through this funding.

      • 25 children and young people to design and deliver a youth-led grants programme.

      • 18 projects giving over 200 children & young people the opportunity to lead on a project that makes a change on issues that are important to them.

      • A further 500 children and young people were positively impacted by these projects.