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M13 Youth Project are a community-based voluntary sector project, established in 1995 by the current Manager, Helen Gatenby, specialising in street-based 'detached' youth work with young people often labelled hard-to-reach. They work in the inner-urban areas of Brunswick, Grove Village, Coverdale and Newbank in Ardwick, Manchester.

M13 Youth Project works with over 600 young people a year promoting fun, learning, action and change, within young people, their workers and the communities in which they live and work. M13 believe all young people deserve to be treated with respect and dignity and that each young person can love, think, create, reflect, enjoy, achieve and make a positive difference to their world.

In 2019, Young Manchester appointed M13 as the ’Strategic Lead’ for Detached Youth Work, to support the development and delivery of robust and excellent quality detached youth work in the city. M13 convened a Steering Group of experienced detached youth workers who met monthly (from July 2019 to March 2020), to discuss experiences of detached youth work and reflect on the issues relating to short-term pieces of commissioned work.

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What have they been doing?

In mid-2019, M13 were commissioned by Young Manchester to support the understanding and development of quality detached youth work in Manchester.

They convened a Steering Group of experienced detached youth workers and managers from various local organisations to consider the issues facing detached youth work and workers in Manchester. Much of their initial work was undertaken through the Covid-19 pandemic and involved responding to requests for support for those wanting to work with young people in outdoor public spaces during the pandemic.

More recently, M13 and the Steering Group invited Graeme Tiffany to work with them to develop ‘Common Protocols for Detached Youth Work in Manchester’ which workers, managers, funders, commissioners and partners should commit to.

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" This report has its origin in Young Manchester’s belief that the development of high-quality detached youth work is essential to achieving its vision for excellent youth work across the city.
As a Strategic Lead a critical element of this role has been to explore the perception that detached youth work is often employed as a short-term ‘fix’ in response to concerns about young people’s anti-social behaviour and a series of tragic violent incidents involving young people "


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We're excited to announce that the full protocols from M13, Manchester Detached Lead Steering Group and Graeme Tiffany have now been published!



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