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One Million Mentors:


About the organisation:

One Million Mentors (1MM) is a unique, community-based mentoring project with one simple aim: to connect one million young people with one million life-changing opportunities. 1MM connect mentors with high social capital to young people with low social capital, to improve their career chances and accelerate social mobility.

In 2020, One Million Mentors were appointed by Young Manchester as the Strategic Lead for Mentoring in the city, and subsequently formed the Manchester Mentoring Network, a growing network of twenty-two VCSE organisations and two commissioners (Young Manchester and Manchester City Council) across the region. The Manchester Mentoring Network was established to bring mentoring providers together to share best practices, discuss challenges, and identify gaps with a view to strengthening the mentoring ecosystem.

Mobilise were appointed by 1MM to research how well mentoring undertaken by the Manchester Mentoring Network is meeting the goals and needs of its beneficiaries. Mobilise is a hybrid organisation operating as a social purpose business. They bring together research and evidence to support organisations to implement policy and develop strategy fit for the new environment.

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What have they been doing?

In 2020, One Million Mentors were commissioned by Young Manchester to map mentoring services in the city, assessing the efficacy, longevity and impact of their offerings.

1MM also spent time researching organisations’ delivery, identifying best practice and lessons to learn from different youth mentoring providers, establishing quality mentoring standards and recommending ways in which the local mentoring ecosystem can be strengthened.

1MM convened a network of twenty-four member organisations in the region to act as the Manchester Mentoring Network. The group was established to bring providers together to strengthen the mentoring ecosystem in the city.

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'In total, 1MM found 38 organisations in the Greater Manchester Region offering some form of youth mentoring'


Here's a list of the organisations:

42nd StreetOne Million Mentors
Manchester Youth ZoneBarnado's & GMYN
Active Communities NetworkPower2
N-GageBolton Lads' & Girls Club
Arts EmergencyReachOut
BrightsideReform Radio
BW3Rochdale Connections Trust
Career ReadySalford Foundation
City in the CommunityCONTACT Theatre
City YearThe Girls Network
CitywiseThe Princes Trust
CIPDThe Proud Trust
The Diana AwardUnity in the Community
Elevate Youth UpRising
EY FoundationWigan Youth Zone
Greater Manchester YouthYouth Elements
Groundwork GMYouth Justice Service (MCC)
Innovate HerYouth Leads

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We are excited to announce that a full-report from 1MM, Manchester Mentoring Network and Mobilise has now been published!


Click below to download the report:

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